Search the Catalog and Place Requests

Here's a link to St Mary Library Catalog
(St Mary School, no period after St and no password necessary)

This will get you directly to the home page where you can begin to search for books.

Since we have a small collection, keywords are good and will probably not overwhelm you with results.
Type in the subject you're interested in, the name of the book, or the author, or any way you can think of to find the right book.

The Item view is a short version of the catalog entry. It includes the AR level if there is a quiz available. (Most of our books have quizzes.)
This is the place where you can request individual titles.  It sends me an email which I will follow up on next time I'm in school.
You can also accumulate titles on the Clipboard from this view.

(Whenever you find an entry in blue, clicking on it will get you more information, e.g. all the other books by an author or other titles on the same topic in our library.)

In the List view, you get the full catalog entry when you click on the individual title. 
In the same view, I like to click on Call. No. or Author to sort the books. 
The Call No. is where the books are on the shelves. This will give you information about whether a book is non-fiction, arranged by Dewey number, or fiction at various reading levels, i.e. ER for Early Reader, E for Easy or picture book, F for general fiction, PB for paperback, YA for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and F M, for mysteries.

The Shelf view is handy if you remember the look of the cover but not much else.

Books Too Good To Miss
I'm making lists of books I particularly like in our library, according to AR reading level.  I will post them in the section to the left of this page as I get them done.

Email me at for more thorough explanations or use Help in the LibraryWorld software itself