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1. Borrowing in Covid-19 time

All students have their own library accounts. I would like to make it possible for them to borrow school library books even now that they are not here on campus. I'm making use of my experience with the public library Front Door Service to offer you a way to help your children use our library during this time.

#1. Navigate to the school library catalog from my webpage and click on the Search Catalog link.

#2. Pick the books your family would like to borrow and then put in requests.
(I changed the number of books to 3 per person and the length of checkout to 4 weeks.)

Sending the request generates an email directly to me at yprickitt@csdo.org.

#3. Please be sure to include the student's full name and your email address.
This is how I will contact you when I have the books you are requesting.

When I find the books, I will check them out to you and email you back to arrange when and how you can pick them up.
For the moment, we are planning to have pickup available on Thursdays. This will also be the day for you to bring books back.

Like the public library I will be quarantining the books. I will keep them untouched until the following Tuesday when I will check them back in.

Borrowing in normal times

All grades have an official time to come to the library with their teacher. In addition, they may drop in at lunch-time on the days I’m in school (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) if they have permission from their teacher .
On Mondays and Fridays the library’s off-limits unless they come with an adult, because I won’t be there.
TK, Kindergarten and First Grade may borrow one book at a time to begin with and all other grades may take two (or more if they get special permission). When they’re checked out, the books are stamped due in two weeks. If the books are not returned on time, I send an overdue list to the classroom teacher who will notify the student in question. When the book is a month late, I send a note home to the family. We don’t charge fines but we ask you to pay for lost or badly damaged items.
Students whose library materials are overdue may not borrow more books until the problem is resolved.

I really appreciate the help parents and teachers give in reminding the children of the need to keep library materials in circulation!

If you need to contact me about anything, the easiest method is to e-mail me at yprickitt@csdo.org. I check it every day either at home or at school.